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  Tue, 22/Apr/2014 9:29 PM
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My 3d guys render so much it's hard to find anything. A feature that hides/shows renders for artists or an artist would be helpful without showing everything else.
  Fri, 25/Apr/2014 2:03 PM
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Your artists can use the "My Jobs" tab so show only the jobs that have their name in the Creator string. By default this name comes form the username they are logged into the computer with, so if everyone uses a standard "user" account, you will want to configure Smedge to use a custom name for the job creator, which you can do in the SmedgeGui options dialog box. It is also possible (in the Configure Master dialog box) to change the options to use the machine name by default instead of the user name.

If you are submitting by a script, you can add the creator name with the -Creator flag and any string you want to differentiate the artists.

Also, if you open the "Filter this view" section at the top of the view, you can filter out by creator here (as well as filtering by job name or other options). Note that in Smedge 2014 Update 3 and later, this top filter is only applied when it is expanded, but in the earlier versions, it is always applied.

If you want to set up more permanent custom views, you can customize the display using the menu command View > Customize Views.

Note that all of these filters let you choose between looking for any, all, or exact strings. Right click to get the menu to select which type of filtering you want to use. If you typed "one two", the results would be:

Any: show anything that has either "one" or "two" in it
All: show anything that has both "one" and "two" in it
Exact: show anything that has the exact string "one two" in it (including the space).

If this level of filtering and sorting is not enough, please contact me at so we can discuss what additional functionality would be helpful, and I can put it in there for you.

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