The Smedge that holds it all together

Smedge combines simplicity of installation and operation and an artist friendly interface, with the reliability and performance to scale with you. With a simple installation and few requirements, adding nodes can be as simple as install and run.

Combining your Windows, Mac and Linux machines is a snap with seamless cross-platform operation. And a range of options are available for hooking into the system, from simple emails for your finished jobs to sophisticated pipeline management scripts customized to your environment to complete custom plug-ins and component applications using the public API.

Smedge is production tested on networks up to 1,000 nodes, but simple to deploy and use. Run it for free on up to 3 machines, or contact us for a 2 week trial license.

Recent News

Smedge 2015 officially available March 31, 2015
Now available for download for all platforms, the official Smedge 2015 release is here. There is a new dark interface, adjusted based on your feedback, and several other new features for better performance and easier management. See the full list of changes and download to the best looking and best performing Smedge ever!
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Smedge 2015 arrives in style in Alpha 4 January 21, 2015
Smedge has been updated! Smedge 2015 Alpha 4 is the latest and greatest Smedge, and includes several cool new features and improvements.

One of the most visible changes is the new "dark" interface, which should make Smedge fit in with your other production tools on your desktop. (The interface changes are not yet complete, but it's already so much nicer looking we had to share!)

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Happy New Year! January 06, 2015
I hope everyone had a nice holiday season! We will be posting updates and links for Smedge 2015 soon. Alpha 3 includes the first steps towards the new dark interface to better integrate with your desktop environment and the applications that Smedge works with.

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