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  Fri, 26/Jul/2013 3:50 PM
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Right now in the job settings, there's no way to specify that you'd like to run multiple jobs on each render node, and that you want each job can use all cores.

I realize this would theoretically max a render node, forcing it to exclusively rely on its OS to manage threading instead of the render jobs having their threading capped. That's actually what I'd rather want than have unused CPU cycles go to waste because the render jobs have entire sections of single-threaded computations.

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  Wed, 31/Jul/2013 5:53 PM
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You could switch to using memory based dispatching instead of core based dispatching. Then you specify how much RAM you want to allocate to each worker, and Smedge will start as many workers as you have RAM for, each set to use all possible cores.

There are other options, depending on what you are doing. For example, in a job that lets you customize the command line (e.g., any Maya based job, any Virtual Module based job or with a Generic Script job) you could customize the command line to start with all cores at all times (ignoring the Smedge CPUs value), then set each job to something like one per core, so it starts a whole bunch of jobs at the same time (up to the number of cores), each using all available cores.

This kind of "over-rendering" can sometimes be more efficient, but you do need to watch out for RAM usage. If you exceed the physical memory on the machine, all rendering will slow to a crawl as the machine starts swapping RAM to disk.

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