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  Tue, 20/Aug/2019 9:27 PM
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Hi there, It is just me or the scripts from the Utilities folder doesn´t run correctly.

I am trying to add more software to smedge workflow, but although I changed the path
-global smedgeSubmitPath = "C:/Program Files/Smedge/Submit.exe"-
from the .ms script for 3ds max but also
-SUBMIT_PATH = "C:/Program Files/Smedge/Submit.exe"
from the nuke path too.

both scripts doesn´t work propertly, the max script show up the window render but does´t luch the job, to the other hand the .py for nuke doesn´t do anything.

If anyone have a clue to this behavior I will be thankful.
  Thu, 21/Nov/2019 2:35 PM
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exact same here.

I've also tried putting the smedgeRender.ms script in the Pre-Render "scripts" section of the 3ds max render panel.

In the script itself, Smedge target is:
global smedgeSubmitPath = "c:/Program Files/Smedge/Submit.exe"

Pools target is:
global smedgePoolList = #("Whole System")

- Does not work either from the render panel or as a script fum from max's main "Scripting" interface.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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