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  Thu, 18/Oct/2018 5:43 AM
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Hey, now we use Smedge 2018.1 and the first tests are failed. The Massage "Failed to detect required success message" appears and after 25 errors the job failed. Is there any different to Smedge 2016?
It seems it only happens with AE 2017, C4D works fine

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  Tue, 23/Oct/2018 7:30 PM
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This is related to changes in the AE module in the new version of Smedge. It is looking for specific success message text based on the frames rendered, and if the output is not set correctly, this message may not be found, even if the render was otherwise successful.

The simplest thing to do is disable the success message test. You can do this:

1. Select all of your Engines
2. Choose Engine > Configure Product Options
3. Choose "After Effects" from the dropdown list of products
4. Clear out the "Success Message" field.
5. Press "Apply and Close".

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