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  Tue, 27/Feb/2018 7:20 AM
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Hi Smedge team,
I think I found a bug with saving some settings. Let me explain:
I'm on win 10 with Smedge 2018 installed. I'm running the primary master on one machine and the SmedgeGui on another. Now in the Gui I'm switching to Administration mode and then go to "System Commands -> Configure Master" in order to set some default settings for After Effects.
Now I do some adjustments of some settings and hit ok. Seems to work. I go to my master machine to have a look at the DefaultEngine.ini file located under "ProgrammData/Uberware/SmedgeMaster/Data/DefaultEngine.ini". Everything seems to be correct. The adjusted settings are now saved in the .ini file. No problems so far.
Then i notice I forgot to change one setting. So I do the same stuff again (System Commands -> Configure Master... -> Products -> After Effects"), change that one setting and hit "ok" again. If I open up the exact same settings window again, everything seems to be ok. All the settings I have done in the previous adjustment seem to be still intact. BUT if I head over to the DefaultEngine.ini of my Master machine it's different. Now only this last one setting is saved in the .ini file while all the settings I made in the first run are GONE. But you will not notice it immediately if you don't have a look at the ini as the settings window still reflects the previous changes. But if you shut down the farm and boot it again suddenly all the changes you once made are gone, because it's now loading from the saved .ini file.
In other words as soon as I decide to change on little thing, all my previous settings will be corrupted.

For some reason it also happend to me now two times in a week that one engine lost it's assigned pools. Maybe something similar?! And also, I disabled Master Startup under "Components -> SetSystemDefaultComponentStartup". Seemed also to be a system wide setting. Today when I had a look at it again, the setting is also gone and switched to default again...

Either this is quite buggy, or I really don't get the design behind those settings. If it's a design on purpose, could you please tell me how to deal with this correctly?

Thanks in advance,

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  Tue, 06/Mar/2018 1:37 PM
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It does sound like something is going wrong with saving the master preferences. The DefaultEngine.ini issue may be a bug, so I will look into that one, but the other setting issues sound like it could be related to permissions. For sure, the System default component startup options should be preserved and not discarded.

Please send your Master History.log file to , and I will take a look. It may make sense to set up a remote support session, so contact me with a good time for me to remotely connect. You can find the remote support client and instructions on the Support web page.

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