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  Tue, 04/Aug/2015 2:46 AM
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This update includes a few small user requested features and a few small bug fixes from the prior 2015 releases. As usual, we recommend you update at your earliest convenience to enjoy the most reliable and best performing Smedge yet.

  • New feature to archive jobs when you delete them allows you to be able to go back to old job data without slowing down your production environment

  • Improved detection of the latest executable now allows Smedge to be able to update itself to the latest version of many popular renderers when you install an update. The changes also improve performance of all Smedge components, and resolve a problem that could make it difficult to manually set the executable path

  • New parameter commands for conditional substitution based on a true or false evaluation of an existing parameter value, as well as additional parameter commands for integer math operations

  • New Engine command line shell commands to get the active work or count of active work on Engines

  • Improvements to the Cinema 4D submit script to be more useful and even integrate some of the Smedge image handling systems despite the terse nature of the C4D renderer output

  • When grouping Job History by Engine, you can now view the captured process output from the history list

  • Job failures are removed when reset from deleted jobs

  • Several other small bug fixes, mostly in the GUI

    Download the latest version for any platform from our download page:

    If your license has valid support you can download, upgrade, and start using this new version right away with no problems. If your support expired before August 3, 2015, you only need to renew your support to get access to this new version.

    As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, and see you in Smedge!
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