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  Thu, 29/May/2014 12:59 AM
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What is the most tedious and unpleasant part of the rendering pipeline? "Render Wrangling" is the task of monitoring your render farm to ensure that your renders are running smoothly and efficiently, using your resources as best as possible and completing on time.

This extremely important task is also one of the least fun parts of the industry. And having staff to cover all possible hours when you may be rendering can be expensive, especially at smaller shops where you may not need full coverage, day in and day out all year long.

Uberware is pleased to offer a new service of Remote Render Wrangling. Now, if you need someone to watch your farm overnight, over a weekend, or for a few days here and there, and you don't have staff on hand to keep an eye on things at all hours, we can fill in that gap for you.

Save time and money and reduce your gray hair. Can have experience monitoring farms from a handful of machines to over 1,000 nodes. Getting up and running is as simple as starting our remote support client and sending us the connection info.

Pricing is based on the number of nodes you need to monitor and the type of monitoring you need. We offer "periodic check-in" type service, where we just peek in on your farm a few minutes each hour to ensure that nodes are still running, jobs are not failing, and resources are being utilized efficiently, or a "full time" service where eyes will be on your farm at all times. And if you're a Smedge user, we will give you a discount on the cost!

Find out more by contacting our sales department: Adam Mendoza <> (206) 853-3857
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