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  Tue, 09/Aug/2011 8:51 PM
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The update is here! Smedge 2011 Update 1 adds some new features and fixes some small bugs in the 2011 release. It is available for download on all platforms. You can find a list of the changes in the update here:


Highlights include:

+ New support for Modo
+ New support for 3Delight for Maya
+ New support for rendering Maya single frame images across multiple machines
+ Engine shell commands for accessing shared files (like log files and process output)
+ Engine Control daemon on all platforms
+ New ProcessJob parameters for getting the time a process took: $(ElapsedRealTime) and $(ElapsedProcessTime)
+ Changes to a job can now be forwarded to active work from that job

Key bug fixes:
- Fixed a bug introduced in 2011 that could cause a job to start all work over if it was changed while active
- Fixed a bug that caused the Engine to not always send all of its current options when it connected to the system
- Fixed detection of filenames from Maya 2012, with the new mental ray image output format

You can find download links in the Downloads page:


Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any trouble. Thank you!
  Thu, 11/Aug/2011 8:56 PM
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One new feature that I didn't write above that people may find useful is that you can now disable the prioritization of pools. This makes pools act simply as groups of machines, and the only prioritization of the job is based on the priority value. This is similar to how pools worked back in Smedge 2.

Note that the interface is still centered around the prioritized pool workflow, but the priorities of the pools are simply ignored by the master when dispatching work. This means it is possible to switch between modes without losing all of your pool prioritization, if needed, knowing that you can switch back later.

To disable pool prioritization, use the Configure Master dialog box. On the "Distribution" tab, set the "Pool Priority" option to "Always use the job priority only, ignoring pool priority".

  Wed, 12/Oct/2011 9:54 AM
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Nice additions and can see how useful the pool priority override could be in certain situations.


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