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  Wed, 13/Oct/2010 9:46 PM
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This may be expected behavior, but it got me, and now I'm a bit hosed. As you can see in the screen capture at the url below, I set up a Maya Mental Ray render to "render by 2" so it would render only the odd numbered frames, but number them consecutively. But I think because I set the packet size to 1, Smedge rendered EVERY frame but (as you can see from the file names that were saved out) still used the render by 2 naming convention, which caused it to write over each frame once. Depending on the render speed of the engines, either the even frame or the odd frame was saved last. In the end, it took twice as long to render as it should have, and I have to re-render since I probably don't have all the odd frames like I wanted. So I guess if I want to render by 2, I need to set the packet size to at least 2.


  Thu, 14/Oct/2010 12:20 PM
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Skipping frames at render time can be tricky. As you noted, you need to set your packet size to a multiple of the skipping count you want. If you wanted to render every other frame, you should use a packet size of 2, 4, 6, etc... It's also generally better to set up your skipping and renumbering settings in the Smedge settings instead of using the render globals. This way you can ensure that the calculations for the correct start and end frames are done by Smedge.

It is also possible to use fractional frame rendering for products that support it, like Maya. If you render every half frame, the packet size does not matter, but you should still set up the renumbering in Smedge rather than the render globals, so that Smedge can correctly ensure that every frame requested is actually rendered and gets the right renumbered frame number.

I hope this clarifies a bit. Sorry for the confusion. Please let me know if you have any questions about it.

  Mon, 26/Aug/2019 10:35 AM
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In Maya, can we see an example of this?
Render Globals:
by frame set 2, with a start frame of 0 (Even)

Note: That in my situation I have a machine that won't be on Smedge network so did give it it's own frames I have to set it to by 2 in RenderGlobals.

Then in Smedge:
Packet Size 10
Render by Frames: 2

This seems to output
instead of
  Mon, 26/Aug/2019 11:28 AM
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I had to setup a little test but for anyone else this may help:

Can setup RenderGlobals to be by 2 Your start frame if needing even frames should be 0 or even.

In Smedge to get even frames only:

Packet Size 0,2,20 etc.
Render By Frames 2 (same as maya)
Renumber by 2

If you want odd frames just set your start frame to 1,3,101 etc.

The point is that the Renumber by (Sets up the packet size so Smedge knows how to count frames properly) If you don't do this as I did you'll get your even frames but will will be named wrong e.g. 0,1,2,3..

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