Smedge 2020 issue on Windows Server 2016

Reports of a problem with the new Smedge 2020 release on Windows Server 2016 have been confirmed here in testing and we are currently exploring a solution. The problem seems to only affect Windows Server 2016. Other versions of Windows Server, including Server 2019, seem to work normally, along with desktop Windows 10 and earlier versions.

The problem is actually happening inside a third party library that Smedge makes use of to provide the GUI components and a few other services. This means that the SmedgeEngine.exe component and all of the command line shell components from the Smedge 2020 release will still work as normal on Windows Server 2016. Only the Master and the GUI components like the SmedgeGui and Herald won’t startup correctly.

This problem is also limited to the just released version of Smedge 2020. This would include Smedge 2020.0-f0 and Smedge 2020.0-f1. Earlier versions of Smedge have a slightly different version of this third party library which does not seem to suffer the same problem, so Smedge 2019 and earlier all work normally on Windows Server 2016.

No other reports of any other version issues have come in at this point. There are so many different versions and flavors of Windows as well as possible interactions with drivers and other software, that it’s impossible test every possible combination. But if you experience any weird behavior on any version of Windows, please let us know as soon as possible so we can start exploring options to resolve or work around the problem.

We will post further updates here when we have a definitive solution for using Smedge 2020 on Windows Server 2016. Thank you

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