Smedge 2020 Hotfix 4 released

A few more issues are now fixed in the updated build of Smedge. The official release version is 2020.0-f4, so if you run into problems with any prior version, we recommend you update to the latest as soon as possible. Updating is just an install, like any other version, and the licensing configuration has not changed, so if you have a valid 2020 license, you will not have any license issues.

This build fixes an issue that caused the Maya products not to detect output filenames. It also addresses some minor weirdness about the history list being blank sometimes and the new property grid sometimes missing changed values on the Job and Engine dialog boxes.

You can update, as always, by either running the installer again, which will correctly update the version for you, or by using the archive package and manually restoring the files. You can update your machines at your leisure, but any Engine with an earlier version won’t detect the filenames from Maya products correctly until you update it.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you, and see you in Smedge!

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