Smedge 2018 Update 1 is Here!

The latest update to Smedge is now available for download on all platforms. This version adds a few nice features and user requests:

  • New EnvironmentOverrides parameter allows you to create custom environment variables or override existing environment values either by Job by Engine.
  • Improved LightWave support: The module can find the latest executable automatically (from the default install location), and detects errors correctly. There is also a new LightWave Python submit script to allow you to send your jobs to the farm from directly inside of the LightWave interface.
  • Improvements to the GUI, which will now remember between sessions if you customize the tabs by dragging them around. It also includes a bunch of new tool tips to help clarify how to use the Job, Engine, and Master configuration windows.
  • The Job Priority and Job Pool restrictions now also restrict the display of the priority or pool values to normal users, respectively, when set. In the lists or the Info Pane, the values will be blank unless you are in Administrator Mode.

You can find links on the Download Page. We always recommend updating to the latest build for the most reliable and useful render experience using Smedge. Please let us know if you have any questions or requests for features or functionality you would like to see.

Thank you, and see you in Smedge!

Artist, Engineer, and Dad