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  Tue, 20/Jul/2021 4:24 PM
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So, returning to Smedge after many years away and unable to get a basic setup with Vray for Maya running on one box. Smedge is finding the scene file and output shows that Vray is launching.

However, it's then apparently choking on things that seem entirely unrelated to the render, including something related to a Keyshot to Maya plugin that wasn't even being used in the scene (I removed the plugin from my system entirely), and then even something in my prefs folder:

Error: file: C:/Users/Steve/Documents/maya/2020/prefs/scripts/userSetup.mel line 1: TypeError: file C:/Users/Steve/Documents/maya/2020/prefs/scripts\ml_toolbox.py line 130: 'bool' object is not iterable

These renders run fine when launched from Maya itself -- why is this happening? I'm only trying to get the most basic queueing functionality working at first, on one machine, and this always used to be very straightforward with the old versions of Smedge. Frustrated.

UPDATE: Seems this is caused by "Detect Errors in Output" being checked by default. Surely would be better to have this OFF? Checking in this off solved the problem.

Likewise I find having frame distribution staggered by default a little unintuitive. Surely would better to render sequentially by default which is more normal expected behavior.

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