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  Fri, 22/May/2020 4:26 PM
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I have a fresh install of Smedge 2020 on just a single workstation, no license.
When I run the maya submitter tool on a scene i get the following in the script editor (some information redacted):
// smedgeRender saved render settings to file: C:/Users/****/Documents/maya/2019/prefs/Smedge.ini
// smedgeRender is using Smedge submit settings from file: C:/Users/****/Documents/maya/2019/prefs/Smedge.ini
// smedgeRender is about to submit one job for the whole scene
// smedgeRender is executing system command:
// Submit.exe Script -Type Maya -Scene D:/****/maya/projects/****/sh010_render.003.ma -Project D:/****/maya/projects/**** -Name ****: sh010_render.003 -Range 1-360 -PacketSize 1 -Priority 50 -Pool Whole System -CPUs 0 -RAM 0 -Extra "" -DistributeMode 0
// Failed to send job: Unable to determine Product ID from: Maya

if i run the job.exe command line tool:
job GetProductInfo
> Maya, 56f3b0da-a949-4c76-a21e-5bff03aca8af, Render Maya scenes

Any help would be appreciated.
  Sun, 24/May/2020 6:09 PM
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Found a solution.

In the script editor, enter the mel command:
whatIs "smedgeRender"

This will return the path to the smedgeRender.mel script, default location is "C:\Program Files\Smedge\Utilities\smedgeRender.mel"

Use a text editor to modify line 251:
string $cmd = $submit + " Script -Type Maya";
string $cmd = $submit + " Script -Type 56f3b0da-a949-4c76-a21e-5bff03aca8af";

Your Maya ID may differ, find out using a command prompt:
job.exe GetProductInfo
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