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  Fri, 21/Sep/2018 5:42 PM
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Hi Robin,

I'm testing out RS and Smedge to create a small GPU farm. I'm getting errors writing to file. I've tried using both Maya product and Redshift for Maya to no avail.

This is output from the Workstation I'm at submtting using a GTX 1080i

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin\Render.exe" -r file -proj \\odin\Engineering\008_3D_Graphics\Maya -rd \\odin\Engineering\008_3D_Graphics\Maya\images -s 0 -e 0 -cam camera1 -im 2018_Eraseme_Smedge_Redshift \\odin\Engineering\008_3D_Graphics\Maya\scenes\2018_Eraseme_Smedge_Redshift.mb

--- switching to standard error stream ---

Starting "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin\mayabatch.exe"
--- switching to standard output stream ---
Initialized VP2.0 renderer {

Version : 2016.11.38.12. Feature Level 5.

Adapter : GeForce GTX 1080 Ti/PCIe/SSE2

Vendor ID: 4318. Device ID : 6918

Driver : nvoglv64.dll:

API : OpenGL V.4.6.

Max texture size : 16384 * 16384.

Max tex coords : 32

Shader versions supported (Vertex: 5, Geometry: 5, Pixel 5).

Shader compiler profile : (Best card profile)

Active stereo support available : 0

GPU Memory Limit : 11264 MB.

CPU Memory Limit: 31076.6 MB.


OpenCL evaluator is attempting to initialize OpenCL.

Detected 1 OpenCL Platforms:

0: NVIDIA Corporation. NVIDIA CUDA. OpenCL 1.2 CUDA 9.2.189.

Supported extensions: cl_khr_global_int32_base_atomics cl_khr_global_int32_extended_atomics cl_khr_local_int32_base_atomics cl_khr_local_int32_extended_atomics cl_khr_fp64 cl_khr_byte_addressable_store cl_khr_icd cl_khr_gl_sharing cl_nv_compiler_options cl_nv_device_attribute_query cl_nv_pragma_unroll cl_nv_d3d9_sharing cl_nv_d3d10_sharing cl_khr_d3d10_sharing cl_nv_d3d11_sharing cl_nv_copy_opts cl_nv_create_buffer
OpenCL evaluator choosing OpenCL platform NVIDIA Corporation.

OpenCL evaluator is unable to find a GPU device that can share VBOs with OpenGL.

pymel.core : INFO : Updating pymel with pre-loaded plugins: mayaHIK, invertShape, GamePipeline, CloudImportExport, curveWarp, tiffFloatReader, MASH, poseInterpolator, bifrostvisplugin, hairPhysicalShader, ATFPlugin, ikSpringSolver, ik2Bsolver, xgenToolkit, AbcExport, retargeterNodes, gameFbxExporter, VectorRender, OpenEXRLoader, lookdevKit, Unfold3D, mayaCharacterization, Type, renderSetup, fbxmaya

[Redshift] Redshift for Maya 2018

[Redshift] Version 2.6.22, Sep 13 2018

Error: file: C:/ProgramData/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins/MayaBonusTools-2015-2018/Contents/scripts-2018/bonusToolsMenu.mel line 1666: UI commands can't be run in batch mode.

File read in 2.6 seconds.

File read in 2.6 seconds.

Result: //odin/Engineering/008_3D_Graphics/Maya/scenes/2018_Eraseme_Smedge_Redshift.mb

Warning: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/scripts/others/makeCameraRenderable.mel line 45: Found camera cameraShape1.

[Redshift] ======================================================================================================


File GPUComputing_CUDA.cpp

Line 504

Failed to create CUDA context for the bandwidth test after several attempts (CUDA_ERROR_UNKNOWN)


Stack trace:










Result: //odin/Engineering/008_3D_Graphics/Maya/scenes/2018_Eraseme_Smedge_Redshift.ma

Fatal Error. Attempting to save in C:/Users/prism/AppData/Local/Temp/Prism.20180921.1537.ma

Any ideas?


Jason Brummett
  Thu, 27/Sep/2018 10:22 AM
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Never figured out why this error was happening but we have IT support from a 3rd party company and now after changing my user permissions. It's working. So that must have been the issue.

I just purchased a few more licenses from you and I it's not a deal breaker but I have RS running fine in Maya using the RS for Maya.sx but it's not running in MAX.

In max I can get RS to work by setting the packet sized to 1. Any number larger than one it will simply render the first frame of that packet and return a render complete value. This is using the 3dsmax.sx as I don't see a RS for MAX module.

Am I on crack as usual?

Thanks in advance Robin.

  Fri, 28/Sep/2018 12:26 PM
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I have to decide if the company I'm at will be going forward using Maya as the final ouput 3D app or 3dsmax. We are using MAX 2016 and Maya 2016.5 and Redshift as our optional render engine. I'm able to render in Maya using RS just fine and the RS for Maya.sx works great but not the case using generic MAX.sx as I can only Render on a per packet basis so it's incredibly slow. RS has to load up scene then render a frame, close and do it again.

Is there a possibility to get a Redshift for MAX module?


  Tue, 02/Oct/2018 11:35 AM
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Anyone else have success with MAX and RS?

  Tue, 23/Oct/2018 7:28 PM
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Sorry for not paying adequate attention to this forum again. As always, you are better off contacting us directly with questions at .

I would be happy to take a look at your Max + RS install to see what is going on with remote support. It's hard to say what else is the problem, since in general with Smedge, all Max renders should be able to use the generic "Max" product with any plugins used automatically.

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