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  Thu, 28/Sep/2017 8:28 AM
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I have 2 servers installed on a cloud.
both on the same virtual network.
I have installed smedge 2014 but they don't seem to find each other.
All firewall ports are open and there is a free communication between
both machines.
Please help.

  Tue, 03/Oct/2017 2:09 PM
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Things to check when you have communication issues:

1. All machines have the firewall disabled or open to Smedge processes. Note that clients must also have firewall open. It is possible to configure the client to use a specific port if you cannot open the firewall by executable (default is to use an ephemeral port.

2. All machines are able to resolve each other by name, or you have set up to use IP addresses instead of hostnames. Some options you may want to check include the SMEDGE_CLIENT_PRERESOLVE environment variable, the Connection.ini file, and the command line options for configuring the master host/port and local client interface and port.

3. Your network is configured to allow communication. Ensure that any routers, VPNs, or group policies on or between nodes are not restricting communication.

If none of that helps, please contact and we can help you resolve communication issues to get running.

Thank you,
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