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  Thu, 21/Jul/2016 2:41 AM
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Smedge 2016 is ready for full production testing! The new release has been pushed to the extremes: thousands of nodes, hundreds of thousands of jobs, millions of frames, no problems!

We have been working to optimize and bulletproof the system, whether your renders have 100 frames or 100,000 frames, whether you have a few jobs per day or thousands of jobs per day, and whether you are just hacking a few workstations together or supporting a commercial render farm with thousands of nodes.

Here are links to download this release:




Besides the optimization, Smedge 2016 does include some great new

+ You can now use GPU devices to distribute work for Maya products and
Virtual Modules

+ Support for Redshift for Maya

+ JSON syntax support for listing and configuring Engines

+ Comparison parameter commands allow for sophisticated processing
of parameters during the variable substitution process.

+ More interface color options, including an way to customize colors
to your taste

And so much more. Beyond that, a lot of work has gone into fixing any bugs found, from small issues about display data to possible causes of crashes or hangs in various Smedge components.

If you have experienced any issues with any older version of Smedge, we recommend you try out this beta release. There is still some polish to be applied (specifically, the documentation is partially updated but needs more work), but this release has been put through its paces at our early beta sites and is currently in production use at multiple facilities.

If your license has valid support you can download, upgrade, and start using this new version right away with no problems. If your support expired before July 19, 2016, you only need to renew your support to get access to this new version.

Note that this release is currently only available for 64 bit platforms, and the Linux build is based on CentOS 7. If you would like to try this version on a different system, please drop me a line and I can set up a custom build for you.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you,
and see you in Smedge!

  Tue, 16/Aug/2016 3:23 AM
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If you want a pre-release of the final Smedge 2016, you can now download it here:




This version fixes a last few issues found in the wider testing of beta 3, and is the release candidate. It is only missing documentation and artwork.
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