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  Wed, 08/Jan/2014 4:12 PM
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Between 64 bit Windows, requests for 32 bit Linux and some bug fixes, I have decided to put out another update to Smedge 2014. I'm still finalizing what will make it into this update, but in order to make things available immediately to those that have requested specific changes, here is a pre-release of Smedge 2014 Update 2:

Windows (64 bit)

Mac (64 bit)

Linux (64 bit)

Linux (32 bit)

Here is a list of issues that are addressed in this build:

Feature #2300: (All) Browse the Modules folder menu in the System > Smedge Files menu
Feature #2296: (All) SetTempEnv struct to set an environment variable for the life on an object
Feature #2305: (All) Clients try to pre-resolve their communication address
Feature #2308: (All) Master can specify which network interface to listen on
Change #2295: (All) All VNC commands now use a consistent interface
Change #2306: (All) Messenger does not try to reconnect if a connect is pending to a client
Change #2307: (All) Remapping drives tries to force unmount first
Bug #2299: (All) Possible access violation if multiple nodes need the master info at the same time
Bug #2302: (All) Master options are not always getting updated correctly
Bug #2297: (All) Access violation if client tries connecting multiple times
Bug #2298: (All) Messenger does not expire clients if they cannot be contacted
Bug #2303: (All) Memory leak if connect fails to resolve machine name
Bug #2304: (All) Possible access violation adding incoming message while clients try connecting
  Mon, 03/Feb/2014 5:24 PM
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Smedge 2014 Update 2 is now officially released. This makes the 64 bit version the official release on all platforms and adds several other fixes and improvements, plus adds a few features that have been requested over the last few months.

You can find links to download the 64 bit versions on our main downloads page:

I will be uploading 32 bit builds for Windows and Linux shortly. Check on this forum post for links when they are ready.

Here is the full list of issues addressed since the Alpha 5 release last month:

Feature #2310: (All) Manual way to report statistics
Feature #2324: (All) New status codes for administrator abort and cancel
Feature #2325: (All) Ability to change the status code used for stopping and requeuing work in the GUI
Feature #2333: (All) SmedgeEngine reports Connected status to stdout
Feature #2335: (All) Virtual Modules can override default error detection position
Feature #2339: (All) View menu command to collect child windows over the main window
Feature #2340: (All) Ability to change the status code used for stopping work permanently in the GUI
Change #2309: (All) Component::Start will preserve the -ClientInterface parameter
Change #2314: (All) Wait for job selector sorts jobs alphabetically by name
Change #2318: (All) Get rid of 'No Images Detected'
Change #2323: (All) Graph draws average after peaks
Change #2330: (All) Use hwloc to get CPU name in a platform consistent manner
Bug #2311: (All) Jobs sometimes don't get removed from the GUI when deleted
Bug #2312: (All) Log can get corrupted when flushed
Bug #2313: (All) Memory leak in Thread class
Bug #2316: (All) Process exit code error detection did not set last error message
Bug #2317: (All) Arnold for Maya missing layer settings in the Render Overrides tab
Bug #2319: (All) Master port override in Connection.ini is ignored
Bug #2320: (All) Messenger startup failure does not always trigger messenger restart
Bug #2321: (All) List control horizontal scroll may not draw all columns
Bug #2322: (All) Engines sometimes get lost after being woken for doing work
Bug #2326: (All) Environment block should be sorted case insensitive
Bug #2327: (All) History control does not sort as items are added
Bug #2328: (All) RepeatMerge $(Output) parameter formatted when accessed
Bug #2329: (All) Graph is not redrawn if it was not the active tab then becomes active
Bug #2332: (All) Jobs sometimes were able to be paused after they finished
Bug #2334: (All) GUI crash customizing views
Bug #2336: (All) Deselecting one item deselects them all
Bug #2337: (All) Status bar job/engine/work counts can get off
Bug #2338: (All) Log::SetFile failure crashes the whole process
  Thu, 06/Feb/2014 1:18 AM
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Smedge 2014 Update 2 is now also available for 32 bit windows. Here are links to the download:


Thank you, and see you in Smedge!
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