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  Wed, 06/Nov/2013 5:06 AM
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I'm preparing the update to resolve any issues discovered in the 2014 release and add a few more requested features. If you are experiencing an issue with Smedge, check this list and there may be a fix available. You are also free to use these latest releases to get the benefit of new features as soon as they are ready.

The first pre-release available is Smedge 2014 Update 1 Alpha 2. Download links for all platforms:




Issues addressed in this release:

Feature #2253: Execute Custom Job Command
Feature #2255: Display the version final number
Feature #2263: Pool stagger starting and total work limit
Feature #2244: Ability to remove license code to get to the 3 machines for free
Change #2246: Engine mode title bar should say 'Engine Mode'
Change #2248: Herald notifications should be their own frame
Change #2241: wxDBListCtrl selected colors improved
Bug #2237: Image size check failure is not in job history
Bug #2239: REDline requires Range from Submit
Bug #2250: Possible GUI crash after selecting an item
Bug #2251: Nuke has issues detecting frames
Bug #2252: Output from from some Windows processes has extra line breaks
Bug #2257: Configure connection dialog is not showing the port to connect to
Bug #2260: Cannot view output from Work List
Bug #2265: Pools are listed twice in the Submit Job dialog
Bug #2262: Dialogs move around a lot and flash a bit still as they are being created
Bug #2256: String::AppendHex ignores uppercase parameter
Bug #2259: Reimplement -LogMessages in new Messenger system

I will be posting further updates as work progresses towards the final release. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you,

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  Fri, 15/Nov/2013 8:39 PM
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Smedge 2014 Update 1 Alpha 3 is ready. This is a big one for Linux users, as I found 4 possible causes of random crashes that are addressed and should help improve reliability for everyone. Also, there are new PoolManager commands that let you sleep groups of machines or run an immediate command on all nodes in a Pool. Here are the download links:




Issues addressed in this release:

Feature #2271: New PoolManager commands: Sleep and Run
Feature #2275: Error detection highlights error and ignore keywords for finding and ignoring errors
Change #2270: JobHistory lets you select between total time or last run time for work time display
Change #2273: Component system now preserves -LogWithPID when starting component processes
Change #2276: Use wait4 to get accurate stats from the OS about process usage at termination
Change #2277: Thread information table uses RWLock instead of Mutex
Bug #2237: Image size check failure is not in job history
Bug #2267: User limits has inconsistent display and does not remove limits
Bug #2269: Possible GUI crash trying to VNC to engine from history if no history is selected
Bug #2272: Check File Sequence crash with invalid file list
Bug #2266: Random SIGSEGV in logging
Bug #2268: JobHistory gets incorrect run time for currently running work when it connects
Bug #2274: SIGSEGV in ProcessJob

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,
  Wed, 27/Nov/2013 4:47 AM
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I have uploaded Smedge 2014 Update 1 Alpha 4. This will be the last pre-release update before the final release of Smedge 2014 Update 1 next week.




Issues addressed in this release:

Feature #2285: (All) Window menu keeps track of open windows and lets you bring them back to top
Change #2280: (All) History Control shows sort direction
Change #2282: (All) Check File Sequence uses new list control
Change #2284: (All) Check File Sequence starts refresh timer after finishing scan
Change #2281: (All) New list controls highlight the line under the mouse
Bug #2243: (Mac) Most GUI components cannot quit with Command + Q
Bug #2232: (Mac) Conspectus must be resized to appear
Bug #2235: (Mac) Submit Job: Advanced Info: Job Usage and Failure Limit Radio buttons intermingle
Bug #2240: (Mac) Cannot set both memory and processor in submit job dialog
Bug #2283: (Linux) Check File Sequence crash on connect
Bug #2286: (All) Maya single frame products get garbage string in the composite command
Bug #2231: (All) Conspectus minimum graph size inconsistent between platforms
Bug #2278: (Mac) Starting Components from GUI didn't bring window to front
Bug #2279: (All) Columns can be dragged into negative size
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