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  Thu, 06/Sep/2012 3:12 AM
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The latest update to Smedge is now ready for download. This update mostly fixes issues in 2012 Update 1, and further improves the power management features. Some highlights of this new build include:

+ List filtering by name in the GUI can now be set to look for any/all/exact matches.
+ When Engines go to sleep, the list indicates that it is sleeping and for how long.
+ New option to keep a certain number of engines awake at all times
+ New environment variable to configure how the engines are woken
+ Override the maximum Job failures per Job.


- Bugs in the power management system that reduced functionality.
- Possible infinite loop in the Master trying to kill work sent to a lost engine.
- Maxwell limits seed value to the correct maximum value
- Fixed Engine crash on Unix platforms when the executable has a space in the path.

For a complete list of what's new, check out the What's New guide.

Thanks, and see you in Smedge!
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