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  Wed, 20/Jun/2012 8:51 PM
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You can find all of the new version downloads on the Uberware
downloads page:

This update to Smedge offers new features and bug fixes that make your
Smedge operation better than ever. Some highlights include:

+ Immediate command execution on all engines (even disabled and unlicensed)
+ Engine can disable itself when its own disk gets full
+ Improved power saving and Wake-on-LAN options
+ Update a parameter for a bunch of jobs at one time
+ Better hardware detection
+ Job Finished Time is available for display in the GUI
+ GUI display of the total count of Engines, Jobs and Work
+ New module to control ffmpeg
+ New module to control REDline
+ Adjust the Maya command line without restarting the Engine
+ Maxwell and Fry modules work better and use less disk

Some of the bug fixes:

- Possible hangs and crashes in the Master fixed
- Issues with the log files not working correctly under some circumstances
- Fixed parsing of quoted command lines on Linux and OS-X
- Fixed GUI list sorting if columns were not in default order
- Fixed issue with Job creation time and Engine start time getting adjusted
- Fixed issues with Job history when switching Masters
- Windows installer now includes the machine control scripts
- GUI could show wrong captured output

You can see a complete list of changes in the online documentation:

If your license has valid support, you can download, upgrade, and start
using this new version right away with no problems. If your support expried
before June 20, 2012, you only need to renew your support in order to get
access to this new version.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you, and
see you in Smedge!

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