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  Wed, 04/Apr/2012 8:20 AM
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From my very limited knowledge of Smedge, every time we setup a new job, we have to set the frame range and step (if needed). I'd like to have a simple check box that would allow the user to use the scene settings rather to setup this inside Smedeg. This would allow the user to chose to use the scene settings or override those settings.

  Thu, 05/Apr/2012 4:36 PM
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Smedge do not know the details about frame range, camera , steps , ..
that details are stored in the scene file but Smedge cant access that details
Smedge do not "read" the scene if you setup a render job

it whould be possible to workaround that limitation if you send job to Smedge from inside Maya(?) directly using scripts or SDK functions

I am sure its more easy to input range and step size by hand insteat ;-)

edit : if i am correct Smedge read the frame ranges for Lightwave jobs since that info is stored in plain text format in the scene file but 3ds, maya, cinema ... cant be read

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  Thu, 05/Apr/2012 6:22 PM
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QuakeMarine is right. For renderers that use a plain-text file for their scene data (like Nuke), Smedge can simply parse through the file for the frame range. But for programs that use proprietary binary formats for their data, the only way to read something out of the scene file is to make a module for Smedge that is linked against the renderer's API, and that causes all kinds of issues that will generally cause it to break easily.

On the other hand, most rendering systems also include their own scripting systems (e.g., MEL/Python in Maya, Javascript/ExtendScript in After Effects, Python in Nuke, etc...). Using these scripting environments, it is possible to get some of the data from the currently open scene or project file.

I've been working on making scripts for all products that can help. The scripts for Maya are the most full featured, but we now have scripts for Maya, 3DS Max, Nuke and After Effects, all of which work from inside the host application, and create a simple interface to send your files to the render farm, filling in some of the details (like the frame range) for you.

These scripts are in the "Utilities" folder of the Smedge distribution. If you would like to access the updated versions of these scripts before the Smedge 2012 release later this month, please drop me a line.

  Fri, 13/Apr/2012 10:11 AM
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QuakeMarine1 and Robin, thanks a lot for the explanations. I'm a 3D artists and don't know a thing about scripting, command line rendering and so on. I just want to tools to make my life easier and this is the only reason why I made the suggestion. I've been really happy with my experimentations with Smedge.

Robin, I'm glad to know that you're trying your best about making those interfaces that can send jobs from inside the host applications!
I'll drop you a line!
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