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  Fri, 11/Feb/2011 6:56 PM
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We're close to the end. Here is a nearly final beta release. The documentation is not yet complete but at least is now accurate for most of the new Smedge 2011 features, and the Maya single frame slitting is not there (and may be delayed until a later update, depending on how things go).

You can find the downloads for all platforms here:




Some of the changes since Beta 1:

+ Pixar RenderMan support
+ Memory based distribution can now place a hard limit on render process memory usage (disabled by default)
+ Script to integrate Smedge with Growl
+ Output Window Search can be optionally case sensitive and it highlights the search term when found
+ GUI shows specific failures for an engine in a new InfoPane tab
+ Error start and ignore strings are now cumulative (job adds to engine instead of overriding it)
+ Enable/disable engines from Conspectus with right click

- Round-Robin distribution is more even handed
- Possible crash caused by failed Maxwell merge jobs
- GUI no longer confirms close on log-off or shutdown
- CPU and Memory information streams could sometimes get hung up and stop updating
- Conspectus would sort wrong if multiple machines had the same name
- Some restrictions were not being honored properly in the GUI
- Empty log messages could cause a crash
- Maya module could generate a random access violation that would affect work starting, even for non-Maya jobs

The What's New document now includes a summary of most every change in the new version, but the details are still not written yet. However, the User and Administrator Manuals should be pretty much up-to-date, though a final proofread has not been done yet.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
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