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  Thu, 27/Jan/2011 2:03 PM
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I have a new MEL script available that works as an addon to the openPipeline system (see http://www.openpipeline.cc). This script can automate submitting your openPipeline managed assets and shots to Smedge. It uses the openPipeline information to track the render locations, file names, and the name of the job all automatically based on the type of scene you are submitting, the version number, and so on.

Installation of the script is easy. Just copy it to the "addons" folder of your openPipeline installation. The first time you run the script, it will ask you where you installed Smedge, so that it can find the Submit command line component, which is used to submit jobs.

You can download the script here:


Please let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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