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  Fri, 03/Sep/2010 4:42 AM
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For those of you that are using Smedge 2010 on Linux, I have updated the release to include 3 fixes that may make life easier:

1. Reduced dependencies for the GUI components.

There were several shared libraries that wxWidgets on Linux was using that were out of date or hard to find. I have now statically linked some of those components to reduce the required dependencies and ensure greater consistency across distributions. It is generally enough to install the 32 bit versions of the basic system libraries, GTK 2, and libuuid in order to run Smedge.

2. Master and Engine no longer abort if the "machine" folder is missing on Linux.

Linux Smedge uses the folder /etc/smedge as the "machine" folder. This is the folder where machine-wide data is stored, which includes the lock file that Smedge uses to ensure a single instance of the Master or Engine is allowed on a machine. If this folder did not exist, Smedge could not lock down, and would fail to start. Now, if the folder does not exist, Smedge falls back on the temp folder as a place to store the lock file. This is not foolproof, but is usually sufficient to allow normal operation.

3. If it does fail to start, it tells you where the startup log is.

Smedge actually always tries to create a startup log in the temp folder. This is true on all platforms, by the way. On Linux, the temp folder used is /tmp/smedge. When Smedge fails to start it will now print the location of the startup log that should describe the error to stderr, so that you can see what happened.

This is an "in place" update of Smedge 2010 update 2 for Linux. If Smedge is already working for you on Linux, there is nothing in this build that makes it worth downloading again. However, if you have had problems getting Smedge running on Linux, this should make it easier.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Also, remember that we are glad to help you get Smedge running on any platform using our remote support client. The branded remote support client download for Windows and Mac is available from the Uberware.net home page, but you can also download the TeamViewer client directly from http://www.teamviewer.com. There is also a Linux client available there.

Smedge has been validated on most popular Linux distributions. If you are having any problems, please let us know which distribution and which version you are running, and we can get you more details about how it works. Also, we are in progress porting Smedge to run as a native 64 bit process, which will make Linux installation even easier.

Thank you
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